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Monet: The Late Years Book of Postcards


Water lilies and weeping willows, winding footpaths and a Japanese-inspired footbridge—the gardens at Claude Monet’s home in Giverny, France, proved endlessly inspiring for the master Impressionist during his late years. Throughout this final phase of his career he focused his artistic energies on the perception of nature, on the challenge of capturing the very moment of sensory impression. At various times of day and in all seasons, he moved between multiple canvases, working quickly to catch subtle changes in color and texture, and, especially, the fleeting effects of light on water. Monet: The Late Years presents a collection of masterful works that heralded the advent of modernism.
29 color reproductions bound in a handy postcard collection

• Mail the postcards, or keep the book for your own collection
• Decorate your office or dorm room with a wall of images
• Informative introductory text
• Backs of postcards offer enough room for short messages
• Perforated for easy removal
• Oversized postcards may require additional postage
• Pomegranate’s books of postcards feature exclusive selections of art from museums and artists around the world

Book: 6.875 x 4.75 x .375 in.
Postcard: 6.5 x 4.75 in.

ISBN 9780764984419

Claude Monet

Claude Monet (French, 1840–1926) ranks among the greatest painters in the history of art. He was the most influential of the Impressionists, a group of painters who strove to capture the endless variations of light and atmosphere that occur over the course of a day in a given location. Indeed, Monet’s misty dawn painting Impression, Sunrise gave rise to the movement’s name. His career spanned an artistic revolution, one that intensified realism and eventually led the way to abstraction and 20th-century Modernism. Among Monet’s best-loved works are landscapes, city scenes, still lifes, and his unparalleled paintings of flower-filled meadows and the exquisite gardens and water lily pond at his home in Giverny.