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Herbs and Medicinal Plants Knowledge Cards


Published with: The Academy of Natural Sciences

Before the science of pharmacology was confined to the laboratory, all medicines were remedies made from plant materials. Healers—from the Neolithic shamans to the eminent physicians of the Enlightenment—made their own poultices, tinctures, and salves from plants that grew in their gardens or in the wild. Few abilities were more important to a doctor than a precise identification of the correct flora. The 48 beautiful 19th-century botanical illustrations in this deck—accompanied by text describing the appearances and uses of the plant—introduce readers to a range of natural remedies, from golden seal to St. John’s wort. Disclaimer: These cards are not a guide to herbal use; the information and illustrations found here are for artistic and historical purposes only. Contact your physician for advice and information about the proper and safe use of herbs. Pomegranate and The Academy of Natural Sciences assume no responsibility or liability for harms associated with any herbal use.
• With 48 fact-filled cards per package, Knowledge Cards are a great source of condensed information—all in a deck the size of a pack of playing cards.
• Knowledge Cards are like small books—packed full of information and fun
• An easy way to learn
• Use as flash cards, or as a quiz game

Published with The Academy of Natural Sciences

Size: 3.25 x 4 x .75 in.

ISBN 9780764915963

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Sarah S.
Helpful and Detailed

These cards are awesome! The art is beautiful, and the characteristics on the back of the cards describe what the plants look like, and what they are used for and HOW to use them.