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Counting Bugs & Butterflies: Insect Art by Christopher Marley Board Book


These fascinating bugs and butterflies are fun to look at and fun to count! Arranged in artful patterns, they practically crawl or fly right off the pages. Discover Bugs that look like jewels or have legs like a frog’s. Wonder at Butterflies with wings that glow or are as clear as glass. Artist Christopher Marley’s designs are paired with Zoe Burke’s rhyming text to make this counting romp within the insect world a runaway—or flyaway—good time.
Durable board book printed on thick paperboard
24 pages, fully illustrated in color

• Perfect size and thickness for little hands
• Bright colors keep little ones engaged

Size: 7 x 6 in.

ISBN 9780764981296

Christopher Marley

Oregon artist Christopher Marley (American, b. 1969) spent his childhood catching snakes, raising lizards, and dreaming of Komodo dragons, but he was terrified of anything with more than four legs. As an adult, Marley became fascinated by insects’ jewel-like colors, incredible shapes, and perfect mechanics, which led him to visit remote locales, collecting and observing insects, birds, reptiles, and other creatures in their native habitats. With each preserved organism displayed in its natural state—with colors true to life—Marley transforms specimens into stunning works of art. The creatures presented in his designs are collected in an environmentally sensitive way. For eye-popping proof that the world is indeed full of wonders, look no further than the exquisite creatures in Marley’s striking compositions.