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Ruben Topia: The Trippy Tower of Babel 2000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle


In his kaleidoscopic interpretation of the Tower of Babel, Dutch artist Ruben Topia transports us to a utopian landscape full of fantastic creatures and brilliant colors. According to the artist's lore, after the Great Flood, the human race migrated west, stumbling upon the land of Rutopia. During a festival celebrating the deities, a tower was built that was tall enough to reach the heavens. In retaliation, God spiked everyone's drink to confuse them before scattering them around the world. Explore this golden tower for yourself as you try to reach the sun in this 2000-piece puzzle.
• Gather with family and friends for puzzle-piecing together!
• Our luxury puzzles are crafted with attention to every detail
• High-quality 250-GSM matte art paper for superior color, crisp details, and no glare
• Ribbon-cut thick board for snug fit and minimal dust
• Produced using thick recycled paper board
• Exclusive selection of art from museums and artists around the world

Box size: 10 x 13 x 2.75 in.
Puzzle size: 27 x 37 in.

ISBN 9781087507316

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Pomegranate Puzzles are the BEST

I stopped ordering puzzles from other companies when I found Pomegranate. The quality of the pieces is very satisfying— no wiggly joints that could fit anywhere. And the art is unbeatable, diverse and interesting. There’s something new every time I come back each few months. Say goodbye to kitten and country home puzzles, and say hello to cerebral works of art you can appreciate even better by peering at every inch in close up.

Carole Herman
Very challenging!

Great material. Puzzle holds together well.