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Mike Wilks: The Ultimate Alphabet: Complete Edition


Mike Wilks set out in the 1980s to depict as many words as possible in 26 images corresponding to the alphabet. His four-year painting odyssey resulted in a suite of magnificent compilations, all minutely detailed, masterfully rendered, and slightly surreal. Each image contains dozens, if not hundreds, of items all starting with the same letter. It is a mind-blowing and enjoyably engaging task to attempt to identify all of the objects. One wonders at the artist accomplishing this seemingly Herculean artistic endeavor. The reader need not go crazy, however, trying to name all of the words represented in the images (at last count, 7,819!). Numbered line drawings accompanied by lists of words serve as keys to the paintings. In examining the paintings carefully, one can check findings against the keys and in doing so will discover new words, as well as take delight in the process of examining the art carefully. It’s art appreciation and a game of discovery, all in one. The Ultimate Alphabetincludes one volume presenting the paintings with introductory text by the artist; the other offers the keyed drawings and alphabetical lists of words.
Two hardcover Smyth-sewn books packaged together in a sturdy slipcase
68 and 78 pages, with 26 full-color paintings and corresponding line drawings and keys
Books include color details and black-and-white illustrations throughout

• High-quality, premium stock matte art paper
• Exceptional color reproduction
• Printed with soy-based inks
• Sewn binding ensures long-lasting enjoyment

Size: 12.5 x 9.5 in.

ISBN 9780764972133

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Dori Karol-Laybourne
Artistically Alluring Alphabet

This is so much fun too look at… beautiful, creative, wild, and educational.