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Owls Coloring Book
Owls Coloring Book
Owls Coloring Book
Owls Coloring Book
Owls Coloring BookOwls Coloring BookOwls Coloring BookOwls Coloring Book
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Owls Coloring Book

Soft cover book with staple binding

48 pages with 22 images to color

Size: 8½ x 11 in.

Coloring pages are blank on the back so they can be cut out and displayed.

ISBN 9780764981548

Owls live all over the world in habitats that vary from the desert to the forest. Some prefer tree living, while others make their nests on the ground. More than two hundred species populate planet Earth, ranging widely in size and features. Consider this: the great horned owl can stand as tall as two feet, whereas the pygmy owl is lucky to reach seven inches. The wingspan of a Eurasian eagle-owl can measure six feet, while the burrowing owl uses wings that spread to just twenty inches to get around.

While it is generally assumed that owls are nocturnal, some hunt during the day, and some hunt whenever it makes sense to do so—depending on what’s available to eat! Owls are carnivores with excellent eyesight. They consume small critters that they espy while perching on tree branches or swooping low to the ground.

Owls have long been associated with wisdom, perhaps because their acute sense of sight gives them the ability to see things—especially in the dark—that we humans can’t see. What is certainly true is that these magnificent birds will always fascinate us with their intriguing faces, plumage, and sounds (they don’t all hoot, by the way—some of them shriek or growl!). You’ll get to know a lot of them in these pages, and perhaps be inspired to draw and color your own version of a real or imaginary owl.


  1. Little owl

  2. Barn owl

  3. Barn owls

  4. Barred owl

  5. Short-eared owl

  6. Burrowing owl, large-headed burrowing owl, and little night owl

  7. Elf owl

  8. Eurasian eagle-owl and Eurasian pygmy-owl

  9. Great Ceylonese eared owl

  10. Delicate owl

  11. Great horned owls

  12. Great horned owl

  13. Little horned owl

  14. Little owl

  15. Long-eared owl

  16. Mottled owls

  17. Barn owl

  18. Wood owl

  19. Red owl, warbling flycatcher, purple finch, and brown lark

  20. Scops owl

  21. Snowy owls

  22. Brown owls