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Art Submission Guidelines

We delight in collaborating with many artists and writers in the creation of new products, so we're happy to review your work for possible publication. Be assured that we're experienced in reviewing artwork and photography and that we'll give your material the careful attention it deserves.

We recently updated our submission guidelines. Please choose one of these formats:

Email us with “Your Name: Artist Submission” in the subject line. Please provide a link to your website, or digital portfolio, and if there is a specific body of work you would like us to consider, please provide a direct link. If you do not have a website, you may include 5-8 images of your work. Image resolution should be 72 dpi and the images under 1MB each. Please attach a PDF of your resume.

Direct Mail
You may mail a CD or flash drive with images, or you may mail color printouts/photocopies. Never send originals! We are careful and attentive, but we can't assume responsibility for lost or mangled materials. Please include your resume.

If you want your work back, enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope with the appropriate postage securely attached and your return address clearly readable. Check to be sure your materials will fit in the return mailer. We will not return materials that disregard these instructions. If you require confirmation that your submission has arrived at Pomegranate, please send your package by certified mail, return receipt requested.

If you have a specific format in mind for your work (notecard, holiday card, calendar, book etc.), indicate this in your email or cover letter. Please note that proposals for full calendars (twelve images) are accepted in April and early May.

Please don't call to check on the status of your submission. We'll try to contact you within eight weeks of receiving your work. If we would like additional information or images we will request them at that time.
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