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Siddhattha as a Bodhisattva Bookmark


Published with: the British Library

Siddhattha as a Bodhisattva on the Banks of the Neranjara (detail) From a Burmese manuscript, c. 1790s–1830s “The Bodhisattva accepted the offering of a bowl of milk-rice and ate it on the banks of the river Neranjara. He then set the golden bowl afloat, saying, ‘If I am to become a Buddha today, may this bowl float upstream.’ This it did.”
• High-quality printing on heavy stock
• Attractively packaged in a recyclable plastic sleeve for protection
• No need to dog ear your books! Save your place with stunning art or photographs

Quantity Minimum: 6 bookmarks

Published with the British Library

Size: 2.25 x 7.25 in.

ISBN 9780764937538