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Goddesses: Susan Seddon Boulet Coloring Book


Many ancient cultures around the world have told stories and made drawings, paintings, or sculptures about goddesses, and artist Susan Seddon Boulet interpreted many different goddesses in her dreamlike paintings. This coloring book includes Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love and beauty; Padma with her lotus flower, Hindu goddess of wealth, abundance, and beauty; and Hera, Greek goddess of the heavens, the earth, the seas, and the underworld—many more. Boulet’s original paintings are reproduced in miniature on the inside covers, in full color, should you wish to replicate her palette.
48 pages with 22 images to color

• Soft cover book with staple binding
• High-quality paper perfect for colored pencils, pens, and markers
• Printed with soy-based inks
• Sturdy cover to ensure long-lasting enjoyment
• Coloring pages are blank on the back so they can be cut out and displayed

Size: 8.5 x 11 x .25 in.

ISBN 9780764969188

Susan Seddon Boulet

As a child, Susan Seddon Boulet (American, b. Brazil, 1941–1997) drew the animals on her family’s farm while listening to folktales told by her father. From these simple roots, creating art became central to her life. She developed a unique style, an inspired vision suffused with detail, texture, and color. Boulet’s artwork reflects her innermost journey as well, with emphasis on her study of world spiritual traditions. Even as she explored the darker aspects of the psyche in her work and began her long struggle with cancer, she retained the energy, honesty, and warmth that endeared her to so many. In the decades since Boulet’s death, her artwork has continued to move and inspire people the world over.