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Four Otters Toboggan: An Animal Counting Book


Water wakes. Wildlife greets the day and finds shelter, safety, and fun on the river in this lyrical, ecologically oriented counting book. One willow flycatcher, two dragonflies, three kit foxes, and more thrive in their habitat. As kids count, the day turns from dawn to dusk, and the character of the water changes as quickly as a child’s moods. Animals sing, leap, tiptoe, toboggan, hoot, hunt, flit, flutter, and hover. They ride out a storm, bask in waning rays, and tuck in under the silver moon. Filled with modern wood engravings, Four Otters Toboggan celebrates wild beauty, encouraging readers of all ages to preserve and cherish our planet. After the story is finished, children can read more about each species in the back of the book—conservation efforts, what causes animals to become endangered, and what people can do to protect wild habitats.
Hardcover Smyth-sewn book, with jacket
32 pages, fully illustrated
Includes glossary of animals and conservation information

Written by Vivian Kirkfield
Illustrated by Mirka Hokkanen

• High-quality, premium stock matte art paper
• Exceptional color reproduction
• Printed with soy-based inks
• Sewn binding ensures long-lasting enjoyment

Size: 7.25 x 9.25 in.

ISBN 9780764984358

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Four otters are better than 3

I honestly haven't opened the shrink-wrap yet--it's a July birthday gift. But it looks like a great title. Thanks.