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Postcard Blowout Sale
Postcard Blowout Sale
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Postcard Blowout Sale

100 assorted full-color and black-and-white postcards.

Selection varies. No repeats within the pack.

$100 value!

Size: 4.25 x 6 in.


A mystery assortment culled from Pomegranate’s entire list of hundreds of postcard titles. Selection ranges across the gamut of our publishing interests: history, contemporary fine art, classic and modernist art from museum collections all over the world, architecture, design, arts and crafts, multi-culturalism, literature, metaphysics, humor, fine art photography, jazz, the blues and the occasional just plain goofy image.

Pomegranate’s blowout packs are assembled in large batches and contain the same assortment of items. Please do not order multiple packs if you expect to receive different assortments because you are likely to receive two identical packs. For future consideration, the content of our blowout assortments changes slowly throughout the year based on stock availability, but only a few items change at a time.