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Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Replacement

If you recently purchased a Pomegranate jigsaw puzzle and a piece is missing from the box, you can get a replacement, free of charge. Pomegranate offers puzzle piece replacements for our current line of jigsaw puzzles. If your puzzle is complete and you have extra pieces, there is no need to submit a request or contact us.

PLEASE NOTE: It's important that you complete the following steps before submitting a request.

  • Complete the puzzle with the existing pieces.

  • Take photographs of the completed puzzle that show the location of the missing piece(s).
    Please look at this example.
  • Take a photograph of the back of the box that shows the two series of numbers located under the Pomegranate logo. These are the numeric identifiers for the product.
    Please look at this example.

Submit a Puzzle Piece Request