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January 2018 Arrivals

Charley Harper: Canyon Country 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Olga Suvorova: Venice 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Eric Wert: The Arrangement 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Birds & Flowers: Japanese Hanging Scroll 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
J.E.H. MacDonald: Falls, Montreal River 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Pat Scott: Taking Off 500-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Claire Winteringham: Numbers 300-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Pat Scott: A Resounding Success 300-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Shakespeare Colouring Book
Piranesi's Views of Rome Colouring Book
The White King: Tales of Maximilian I: A Coloring Book of Woodcuts by Hans Burgkmair
The Fairy Tale Art of Walter Crane Coloring Book
Japanese Decorative Designs Coloring Book
French Decorative Designs Coloring Book
Owls Coloring Book
Fairy House: A Color, Punch Out, and Play Set
Dinosaurs Sticker Book
Fancy Letters: An Alphabet by Owen Jones Memory Game
Great Lines from Great Movies Vol. III Knowledge Cards
Novel Beginnings: A Quiz Deck of Opening Lines
ACLU Landmark Cases: A Quiz Deck
Can You Pass the Citizenship Test? Quiz Deck
Vincent van Gogh Deluxe Address Book
Ohara Shōson Boxed Notecards
In the Company of Cats: Art by Ditz Boxed Notecard Assortment
The Art of Olga Suvorova Boxed Notecard Assortment
Vincent van Gogh Boxed Notecard Assortment
William Giles Boxed Notecard Assortment
Mary Delany: Grass of Parnassus Boxed Small Notecards
Mabel Royds: Dandelions Boxed Small Notecards
Charles Rennie Mackintosh: Art and Design Book of Postcards
Sideshows & Spectacles: Victorian Entertainment Book of Postcards
Charley Harper: Monteverde Cloud Forest ReserveNotecard
Eric Wert: Pomegranate Notecard
Riza-yi `Abbasi : The Lovers Notecard
Charles Rennie Mackintosh: Peonies Notecard
Odilon Redon: Bouquet of Flowers Notecard
Claude Monet: Jean Monet on His Hobby Horse Notecard
Gustav Klimt: Mäda Primavesi Notecard
A Reverie Notecard
Cynara horrida Notecard
Edward Hopper: Portrait of Orleans Notecard
Robert Bissell: The Enchantment II Notecard
Lilian May Miller: Japanese Dwarf Plum Notecard
Edward Gorey: Twelve Lords a’Leaping Notecard
B. Kliban: in the Clouds Notecard
Tim Pitsiulak: Polar Bear Notecard
Maurice R. Bebb: Belted Kingfisher Birthday Card
Robert Bissell: The Outing Birthday Card
B. Kliban: Cats Trying on Cat Tails Birthday Card
Edward Gorey: Frawgge Mfrg. Co. Birthday Card
Jean Bradbury: Freedom Birthday Card
Wolf Kahn: Evening Woods Birthday Card
European Rabbits amid Buttercups Notecard
White Tiger Cubs Notecard
Eastern Grey Kangaroos Notecard
Bottlenose Dolphins Notecard
Giraffe Mother Nuzzling Calf Notecard
Sea Otter Mother and Newborn Notecard
Red Fox on Fallen Birch Tree Notecard
Long-Eared Owlets Notecard
Tony Sarg: Under Police Protection Postcard
Geography Bewitched! Map of Ireland Postcard
The Zerda Postcard
Charles Robinson: A Black Cat Holiday Postcard
Hans Hoffmann: A Hedgehog Postcard
Nicolas Robert: A Stapelia variegata Postcard
Sergey Sudeykin: Two Penguins Postcard
Fantastic Hairdress with Fruit and Vegetable Motif Postcard
Herbert E. Crowley: An Exceptionally Peaceful Moment Postcard
Grant Wood: Shriner’s Quartet Postcard
Charley Harper: Heron Hangout Bookmark
Franklin Carmichael: October Gold Bookmark
Lawren S. Harris: Mount Robson Bookmark
J. E. H. MacDonald: Algoma Waterfall Bookmark
Tom Thomson: Snow in the Woods Bookmark
Arthur Wesley Dow: Lily Bookmark
Suzuki Kiitsu: Maple and Flowers Bookmark
Jean Bradbury : We Are Alone. We Are Not Alone Bookmark
Kate Krasin: Sunflower Bookmark
Retro Flora Designer Gift Wrap
Leaf Fantasy Designer Gift Wrap
Tiger Tiger Designer Gift Wrap
A Flutter of Butterflies Designer Gift Wrap
Pussy Willow Designer Gift Wrap
Mid-Century Modern Designer Gift Wrap
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