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Curated Sets

Curated sets make it easy to bring art home or gift it to friends and family. Each set is hand-picked and packaged by Pomegranate, sold together to save you time and money.

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Wayne Thiebaud Set_Zoom Wayne Thiebaud Set_Front_Flat New

Wayne Thiebaud Set

US History Family Set_Zoom US History Family Set_Front_Flat New

US History Family Set

Young Curators Incredible Critters Set_Zoom Young Curators Incredible Critters Set_Front_Flat New

Young Curators Incredible Critters Set

Darlene Kulig Set_Zoom Darlene Kulig Set_Front_Flat New

Darlene Kulig Set

Young Curators Incredible Art Set_Zoom Young Curators Incredible Art Set_Front_Flat Out of stock

Young Curators Incredible Art Set

Faith Ringgold Set_Zoom Faith Ringgold Set_Front_Flat Out of stock

Faith Ringgold Set

Fine Art Family Set_Zoom Fine Art Family Set_Front_Flat Out of stock

Fine Art Family Set

Edward Gorey Set_Zoom Edward Gorey Set_Front_Flat Out of stock

Edward Gorey Set

The Addams Family Set_Zoom The Addams Family Set_Front_Flat Out of stock

The Addams Family Set

Vincent van Gogh Set_Zoom Vincent van Gogh Set_Front_Flat Out of stock

Vincent van Gogh Set