Fine Art & Children’s Books

Wayne Thiebaud 100: Paintings, Prints, and Drawings
Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater
Frank Lloyd Wright's Glass Designs
Charley Harper's Animal Alphabet
Charley Harper's Book of Colors
Charley Harper's Count the Birds
The Addams Family: An Evilution
Kenojuak Ashevak: Life and Legacy
Edward Gorey: The Evil Garden
John Updike and Edward Gorey: The Twelve Terrors of Christmas
Haiku: Japanese Art and Poetry
Edward Gorey: The Angel, The Automobilist, and Eighteen Others
Charley Harper’s I Am Wild Board Book
Edward Gorey: The Osbick Bird
Pheromone: The Insect Artwork of Christopher Marley
Molly Hashimoto’s Birds! Season by Season Board Book
Richard Diebenkorn: Beginnings, 1942–1955
Beguiled by the Wild: The Art of Charley Harper
A View from the River: The Chicago Architecture Foundation River Cruise Aboard Chicago’s First Lady Cruises
Monet’s Passion: Ideas, Inspiration, and Insights from the Painter’s Gardens
Owls and Loons: Inuit Art from Cape Dorset Board Book
Ningiukulu Teevee: Drawings and Prints from Cape Dorset
Hometown Architect: Frank Lloyd Wright
William S. Rice: Art & Life
Elephant House: Or, The Home of Edward Gorey
Elegant Enigmas: The Art of Edward Gorey
Counting Bugs & Butterflies: Insect Art by Christopher Marley Board Book
Molly Hashimoto's Trees! Board Book
Edward Gorey: The Eclectic Abecedarium
Edward Gorey: Three Classic Children's Stories
Charley Harper's What's in the Rain Forest
Addams' Apple: The New York Cartoons of Charles Addams
Clarence Gagnon: The Maria Chapdelaine Illustrations
Gustave Baumann: Views of Brown County
Edward Gorey: Thoughtful Alphabets: The Just Dessert & The Deadly Blotter
Mike Wilks: The Weather Works
The Utter Zoo: An Alphabet by Edward Gorey
Block Prints: How To Make Them, by William S. Rice
The Space Within: Inside Great Chicago Buildings
Hero: The Paintings of Robert Bissell
The Treehorn Trilogy
Edward Gorey: The Hapless Child
A Zebra Plays Zither: An Animal Alphabet and Musical Revue
Spirit: The Art of Robert Bissell
Kazuyuki Ohtsu
Peter Neumeyer & Edward Gorey: The Donald Boxed Set
The Autobiography of Gustave Baumann
Women of the World: A Global Collection of Art
Louis Sullivan: Creating a New American Architecture
Shanti Sparrow’s Fantastic Friends
Marielle in Paris
Edward Gorey: The Wuggly Ump
Gustave Baumann's Southwest
Edward Gorey: The New Poster Book
Tim Pitsiulak: Drawings and Prints from Cape Dorset
Eric Wert: Still Life
Paula Wallace: Mr. Reginald and the Bunnies
Kate Krasin: Luminous Prints
Women Who Dare: Eleanor Roosevelt
Paul T. Gilbert: Bertram and His Fabulous Animals
Botanical Visions: The Art of MF Cardamone
Edward Lear & Edward Gorey: The Dong with a Luminous Nose
Charley Harper's What's in the Coral Reef
Claire Winteringham’s Numbers in the Garden Board Book
Kathy DeZarn Beynette: When Your Porcupine Feels Prickly
Paul T. Gilbert: Bertram and His Funny Animals
Floating Worlds: The Letters of Edward Gorey & Peter F. Neumeyer
Edgar Payne: The Scenic Journey
Harper Ever After: The Early Work of Charley and Edie Harper
Four Otters Toboggan: An Animal Counting Book
Irene Hardwicke Olivieri: Closer to Wildness
Susan Seddon Boulet: A Retrospective
B. Kliban: CatBook
Women Who Dare: Amelia Earhart
Women Who Dare: Margaret Mead
J. Fenwick Lansdowne
Kathy DeZarn Beynette: When I Am Not Myself
Women Who Dare: Women of the Suffrage Movement
Prairie Metropolis: Chicago and the Birth of a New American Home
Women Who Dare: Helen Keller
Charley Harper's A Partridge in a Pear Tree
Motawi Tileworks: Contemporary Handcrafted Tiles in the Arts & Crafts Tradition
Frank Lloyd Wright's Buffalo Venture
Beth Van Hoesen: Fauna & Flora
DuPre Jones & Edward Gorey: The Adventures of Gremlin
Kamisaka Sekka: Rinpa Traditionalist, Modern Designer
Norma Bassett Hall
Ralph Fasanella: Images of Optimism
Edward Gorey: The Lost Lions
The Ladybug Race
Edward Gorey: The Betrayed Confidence Revisited: Ten Series of Postcards
Siri Schillios: BirdWingFeather
Walter J. Phillips
Jan Wahl & Edward Gorey: Cobweb Castle
Maggie and Milly and Molly and May
The Art of Arthur and Lucia Mathews (Softcover)
Women Who Dare: Marian Anderson
Meinrad Craighead: Crow Mother and the Dog God
Jules Tavernier: Artist & Adventurer
Angels and Tomboys: Girlhood in 19th-Century American Art
Edward Gorey: The Awdrey-Gore Legacy
E. Charlton Fortune: The Colorful Spirit
Charley Harper's What's in the Woods? A Nature Discovery Book
Robert Rahway Zakanitch
Robert Ausbourne: How to Understand, Enjoy, and Draw Optical Illusions
C. F. A. Voysey: Architect, Designer, Individualist
Women Who Dare: Women for Change
The Art of Arthur and Lucia Mathews (Hardcover)
Armin Hansen: The Artful Voyage
Edward Gorey: His Book Cover Art & Design
Women Who Dare: Women of the Civil Rights Movement
Steve Schaecher: Phone Booths by Famous Architects
Charley Harper’s What’s in the Desert?
Charley Harper’s Cats and Dogs: Multi-Lingual Counting Book
Edward Gorey: The West Wing
This American House: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Meier House and the American System-Built Homes
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