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England by Rail Book of Postcards
England by Rail Book of Postcards
England by Rail Book of Postcards
England by Rail Book of Postcards
England by Rail Book of Postcards
England by Rail Book of PostcardsEngland by Rail Book of PostcardsEngland by Rail Book of PostcardsEngland by Rail Book of PostcardsEngland by Rail Book of Postcards
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England by Rail Book of Postcards

Thirty color reproductions bound in a handy postcard collection.

Oversized postcards may require additional postage.

Published with Swann Auction Galleries

Book: 6.875 x 4.75 x .375 in.
Postcard: 6.5 x 4.75 in.

ISBN 9780764974823

England’s railways were once a rainbow of liveries. But government management during World War I showed the need for greater efficiency, and by 1923 some 120 companies became the Big Four: Southern Railway; Great Western Railway; London and North Eastern Railway; and London, Midland and Scottish Railway. All had lines fanning out from London to their designated region and tried to attract riders with posters advertising pastoral scenes, charming villages, or flashing views of the capital. New locomotives continued to impress and trains became ever faster, but rail travel declined as the automobile prospered and the prewar glamour eventually faded. Profits were few and only the Southern Railway could invest, electrifying some of its commuter lines. By 1948 the railways were nationalized. The posters in this book of postcards compose a snapshot of interwar rail travel within England, a romantic vision of sophisticated country escapes and city grandeur.

Pomegranate’s books of postcards contain up to thirty top-quality reproductions bound together in a handy, artful collection. Easy to remove and produced on heavy card stock, these stunning postcards are a delight to the sender and receiver. Postcards are oversized and may require additional postage.


  1. Leonard Richmond (British, 1889–1965), Royal Tunbridge Wells, 1932

  2. Blossom Wood, Royal Windsor, c. 1935

  3. Edward McKnight Kauffer (American, 1890–1954), Great Western to Devon’s Moors, 1933

  4. Clodagh Sparrow (British, 1905–1957), Ullswater / The Lake District for Holidays, 1938

  5. Herbert Alker Tripp (British, 1883–1954), Cornwall, 1938

  6. Leonard Campbell Taylor (British, 1874–1969), The Peak District / Peveril Castle, 1924

  7. Tom Purvis (British, 1888–1959), Scarborough by L.N.E.R., c. 1936

  8. Stobbs, Norfolk, 1959

  9. F. Gregory Brown (British, 1887–1941), Wembley, 1925

  10. Frank H. Mason (British, 1875–1965), Withernsea, 1930

  11. Unknown designer, Blackpool

  12. Norman Wilkinson (British, 1878–1971), London / Whitehall from St. James’s Park, c. 1930

  13. Fred Taylor (British, 1875–1963), Whitby, c. 1930

  14. Leonard Richmond (British, 1889–1965), Dover, 1931

  15. Frank H. Mason (British, 1876–1965), Ullswater / English Lake-Land, c. 1930

  16. Ellis Martin (British, 1881–1977), The Cornish Riviera, 1924

  17. Frank Newbould (British, 1887–1950), “The Silver Jubilee,” 1935

  18. Leonard Campbell Taylor (British, 1874–1969), Droitwich / The Brine Baths Spa, 1925

  19. Frank H. Mason (British, 1876–1965), Havens and Harbours on the L.N.E.R. / King’s Lynn, 1931

  20. Herry Perry (Heather Perry) (British, 1893–1962), London Thou Art the Flower of Cities All, 1929

  21. Clodagh Sparrow (British, 1905–1957), Live in Kent and Be Content, 1937

  22. Edward McKnight Kauffer (American, 1890–1954), Near Waltham Cross by Tram, 1924

  23. BAN, Scarborough

  24. Edward Wesson (British, 1910–1983), Huntingdonshire, c. 1955

  25. Unknown designer, Torquay, 1927

  26. Frank Newbould (British, 1887–1951), London, 1939

  27. John Macpherson, The Cornish Riviera, 1925

  28. Reginald Edward Higgins (British, 1877–1933), Filey—For the Family, 1925

  29. Claude Henry Buckle (British, 1905–1973), Buxton, 1930

  30. Henry George Gawthorn (British, 1879–1941), Walton on Naze

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