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According to Greek mythology, with whom or what did the universe begin?
(a) Chaos
(b) Erebus
(c) Eros
(d) Gaea

Answer (a) Most creation myths say that everything began with Chaos. But then stories vary. In some, Chaos is a celestial soup of randomly mixed air, fire, earth, and sea. Some unnamed god creates order by separating those elements. Fire is lightest and becomes sky. Air is next. The heavier earth sinks and forms land. At bottom is the sea, upon which the land floats. In another story, Chaos is a dark and boundless void, out of which are born (or just appear) the primordial goddesses Gaea (Earth) and Nyx (night) and gods Tartarus (the deepest underworld) and Erebus (darkness of the underworld). Some versions say Chaos also produces the god Eros (erotic love); others say Nyx lays an egg from which Eros hatches. Gaea then bears the god Ouranos (sky), to wrap around her, and the god Pontus (sea). Under Eros’s influence, Gaea and Ouranos then pair up to start the Greek pantheon rolling.
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