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Pomegranate Europe Ltd.

Pomegranate Europe Ltd is the European Sales Office for Pomegranate Communications. The office sells, markets, and distributes to the trade in UK, Eire and Mainland Europe.
Contact Pomegranate Europe
Email: sales@pomegranate.com
Call: +44 [0] 24 7621 4461
Fax: Fax: +44 [0] 24 7630 2796
Contact by mail:
Pomegranate Europe LTD
'number three', Siskin Drive
Middlemarch Business Park
Coventry CV34 4FJ, UK

Trade prices in Sterling, Euro, and Dollars can be obtained by contacting the Coventry Office.
Product Terms (excludes Calendars & Diaries)
Paper Product
UK & Northern Ireland: £75 [carriage paid by customer] or £125 Carriage Paid.
Eire: €100 Carriage Paid. Below €100 carriage paid by customer.
Europe: No carriage paid on any direct orders. FOB to UK Shipper.
Please order in the minimum quantities shown for each product.
You can order single copies of books.
Depending on the title, single options may not be available outside the UK.
UK & Eire: Carriage Paid on single and multiple orders.
Europe: Carriage paid by customer. FOB to UK Shipper.
Calendar Terms
Product Specs
All Calendars are individually shrink-wrapped with cardboard stiffeners. All Calendars include US, Canadian, and UK holidays and observances.
Calendars are pre-priced with the RRP in Dollars, Sterling.
Where possible all internal images are shown on the back cover.
Adhesive hooks are available for use with pegboard or similar fittings. Due to packing restrictions these hooks are shipped with the calendar order to be placed on the product by the customer. Please tick the ‘Hooks’ box on the Calendar Order Form if you wish to receive them.
Ordering Information
Any special requirements such as Hooks, Display Stands, Delivery Dates, or Discounts must be clearly marked on the order. An order with no requests will be entered as Firm Sale, Delivery ASAP.
Top-Up orders will be supplied at the original price if they are marked as ‘TOP-UP ORDER.’ The minimum Top-Up is 20 assorted calendars.
We will try and accommodate a customer’s request to deliver on a specific date, however it is not always possible to do this.
Shipping & Claims
All orders to Mainland Europe are delivered F.O.B. to the customer’s shipper in the UK. All charges from then on are the customer’s responsibility.
Requests for proof-of-delivery may be charged at whatever rate the carrier has in operation at the time.
Shortages and claims must be made within three days of delivery.
Claims for non-delivery must be made within 7 days of the date of the invoice.
A higher discount is given by ordering Firm Sale. The only returns accepted from a Firm Sale order will be faulty goods or mis-deliveries. For a lesser discount you can buy Calendars on a returnable basis.
Product Returns
General Return Conditions
Books may be sold See-Safe. All other products are sold on a Firm Sale basis.
Returns can only be accepted with permission from our Sales Office or via an agent.
With the exception of faulty goods, you are responsible for carriage on returns.
Returns may only be made on goods that have been in stock for more than 3 months but no longer than a year.
Customers will receive an account credit for the value of the return that may be set against future purchases.
Calendar Return Conditions
50% of the goods must be paid for within the agreed credit period. If this 50% is not paid, you lose your right to return.
You cannot return more than 50% of the original invoice value.
For Calendar returns, the Pomegranate Sales Office only accepts covers, with a list of titles being returned. NO WHOLE CALENDARS ARE TO BE RETURNED. If you return whole Calendars, a 5% charge will be takenfrom your credit to cover the cost of destruction.
Returns must be approved by either an agent or by our Sales Office.
Customers will receive an account credit for the value of the return. Cash credits are not an option.
Returns will be accepted until March 31, after which no returns will be accepted or credited.
'number three', Siskin Drive
Middlemarch Business Park
Coventry CV34 4FJ, UK
Please Note
Pomegranate Europe Ltd reserves the right to change any aspect of the programme without notice. All goods remain the property of Pomegranate Europe Ltd until paid in full.
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