Wright's Saguaro Design Playing Cards

Wright's Saguaro Design Playing Cards
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Wright's Saguaro Design Playing Cards
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Two shrinkwrapped decks of poker-size playing cards in a sturdy reusable box. Deck includes 52 playing cards and 2 jokers.

Box size: 5 1/2 x 3 7/8 x 1 in.

ISBN 9780764965210

Product Description

Jutting into the boundless skies of the American Southwest, the saguaro cactus fascinated Frank Lloyd Wright (American, 1867–1959). In a proposed cover drawn for the popular magazine Liberty in 1927, the tall, slim cactus and its blossoms take on a geometric appearance. The designs for these cards are adapted from a detail of that drawing.

Pomegranate playing cards are thoughtfully crafted and elegantly illustrated with card back designs adapted from some of our best-selling artists. Card faces are original Pomegranate designs.