What Happened Here? Canada Knowledge Cards

What Happened Here? Canada Knowledge Cards
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What Happened Here? Canada Knowledge Cards
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With 48 fact-filled cards per package, Knowledge Cards are a great source of condensed information—all in a deck the size of a pack of playing cards. Size: 3¼ x 4".

By Kate Armstrong.

ISBN 0764932969

Product Description

How was the name Canada coined, and why is the beaver Canada's official symbol? What led to the creation of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and from which province did Marconi make the first transatlantic wireless transmission?

This informative deck surveys events that have shaped Canada's history and culture, from early explorers' attempts to chart a route to Asia to groundbreaking Supreme Court rulings in the twenty-first century. The front of each card presents a map, with an arrow pinpointing the location of a momentous occurrence and a caption supplying the place name and date; the card's back fills in the details. These forty-eight cards explore Canada's development in government and politics, science, industry, the arts, sports, and more--a fascinating overview of Canadian history!