Melodrama, Modernism & Myth Knowledge Cards

Melodrama, Modernism & Myth Knowledge Cards
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Melodrama, Modernism & Myth Knowledge Cards
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With 48 fact-filled cards per package, Knowledge Cards are a great source of condensed information—all in a deck the size of a pack of playing cards. Size: 3¼ x 4".

The New York Library.

ISBN 0764929593

Product Description

This deck of 48 Knowledge Cards can serve as the perfect gift for the forgetful English major, or perhaps as an enjoyable pocket-sized education for the solitary autodidact, or even as a challenging Q&A literary workout for two or more players. One side of each card describes an unnamed literary concept, movement, or device; the other side reveals the correct term, along with a concise definition, examples, and contextual notes ( e.g., Front: "A pithy, witty expression in poetry or prose"; Back: "EPIGRAM/From the Greek: 'inscription'..."). As a thumbnail reference, Melodrama, Modernism, & Myth is a welcome addition to any library; as a game, it is guaranteed to light up any gathering of literature lovers. Don't miss this deck's literary companions, The Plot Thickens and Unforgettable Characters, as well as other decks of Knowledge Cards from The New York Public Library.

Perfect for students, teachers, and the purely inquisitive, this deck is sure to spark your curiosity and encourage you to delve deeper into this fascinating subject.