Art for the London Underground Deluxe Address Book

Art for the London Underground Deluxe Address Book
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Art for the London Underground Deluxe Address Book
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124 pages, size: 7 x 8 ¼ in.

ISBN 9780764967757

Product Description

The world’s first underground railway, the London Underground opened its first section in 1863. Today it’s the third-busiest metro system in Europe. In 1908 Frank Pick, an early director charged with publicity for the expanding transit system, began hiring Britain’s best artists and designers to produce posters for the newly named “Underground.” Pick recognized the potential of this new graphic medium, which was revolutionizing the fields of publicity and advertising, and used it to establish the Underground as an important patron of the arts and a leader in the field of poster publicity.

The posters reproduced in this address book are from London Transport Museum, one of the world’s finest poster archives. For a century, the Underground kept copies of every poster it produced, and when the collection was transferred to the Museum in the 1980s, it held more than five thousand printed posters and almost one thousand original artworks. Steadily growing since then, it offers a uniquely comprehensive overview of a century of British graphic design.

Pomegranate’s deluxe address books are hardbound with a hidden spiral binding that allows them to lie absolutely flat. Forty full color reproductions complement information pages with room for 480 names, addresses, home and business telephone numbers, cell/pager, and e-mail addresses. A lovely gift. Shipped individually shrinkwrapped for safety.