Maps of the Civil War Book of Postcards

Maps of the Civil War Book of Postcards
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Maps of the Civil War Book of Postcards
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Thirty reproductions bound in a handy postcard collection.

Oversized postcards measure 6 1/2 x 4 3/4 in.

ISBN 9780764951930

Product Description

A Book of Postcards from the National Archives

The National Archives and Records Administration—home of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, and the Bill of Rights—is the federal agency charged with safeguarding billions of our nation's most treasured records. Among these are more than 8,000 maps from the Civil War era, which the agency holds in trust for the American people.

This book of postcards, produced by the Foundation for the National Archives, contains maps of large, well-known battlefields, including Fredericksburg, Shiloh, Antietam, and Bull Run (Manassas), as well as some of the smaller, lesser-known skirmishes of the war, fought among homesteads, in fields, and in forests. Also included in this collection are maps of battles in which African American soldiers played a major role, maps of a Freedman's Village near Arlington, Virginia, and maps of "Contraband Quarters" on Mason's Island, near Washington, D.C., where escaped or freed slaves sought refuge during and after the war.

These maps and thousands more can be found in the Cartographic and Architectural Records Section of the National Archives in College Park, Maryland. To learn more about the Civil War, visit the National Archives Experience's Discovering the Civil War exhibition, opening at the National Archives Building in Washington, D.C., in 2010 and traveling the country.

List of Maps

1. Plan of Siege Operations Against Fort Morgan, Alabama, August 1864. 2. Camp Nelson and Its Defenses, Kentucky. 3. Town of New Madrid, Missouri, April 1862. 4. Sketch, Siege of Petersburg, Virginia, Battle of the Crater, July 1864. 5. Battle Map of Bull Run, Manassas, Virginia, July 1861. 6. Battle of White Oak Swamp, Richmond, Virginia, June 1862. 7. Passages of the Rappahannock; Battle of Fredericksburg, Virginia, December 1862. 8. Cold Harbor, Virginia, June 1864. 9. Military Map of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. 10. Central Virginia Map. 11. Martinsburg, West Virginia. 12. Fort Sumter, South Carolina, at the Time of Its Capture, April 1861. 13. Blakely, Alabama, April 1865. 14. Battlefield of Pleasant Hill, Louisiana, April 1864. 15. Battlefield of Chickamauga, September 1863. 16. Battle at the Mouth of the Sabine River, September 1863. 17. Battlefield of Wilsonís Creek, Missouri, August 1861. 18. Battle of Prairie Grove, Arkansas, December 1862. 19. Bird's Eye View of Vicksburg, Mississippi, May 1863. 20. Field of Shiloh, Pittsburgh Landing, Tennessee, April 1862. 21. Battlefield of Stones River, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, New Year's 1863. 22. Sketch of Fort Donelson, Tennessee-Kentucky, February 1862. 23. City and Battlefield of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, August 1862. 24. Contraband Quarters, Mason's Island near Washington, D.C. 25. Freedman's Village near Arlington, Virginia, July 1865. 26. Union Army's March Lines, October 1863. 27. Big Bethel, Yorktown, Virginia, April–May 1862. 28. Battlefield of Harpers Ferry and Sharpsburg, Maryland (Antietam), September 1862. 29. Port Royal Harbor, South Carolina, November 1861. 30. Robert E. Lee's Map of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, 1863.