Hiroshige Deluxe Address Book

Hiroshige Deluxe Address Book
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Hiroshige Deluxe Address Book
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Size: 7 x 8 1/4".

ISBN 9780764936531

Product Description

Japan’s Edo period (1615–1868) was a time of peace and prosperity. A middle class arose, became wealthy, and cultivated a love of woodblock prints. Early on, a tradition of depicting beautiful women developed, but in the nineteenth century, artists turned to making landscape prints.

Utagawa Hiroshige (1797–1858) worked in the landscape genre, capturing atmospheric conditions in bold compositions. In juxtaposing foreground elements with distant scenic views, he created a style that blended Western influences with the meisho (famous places) Japanese tradition. Hiroshige depicted the changing seasons, holidays, and everyday life in Edo (now Tokyo).

This address book presents forty of Hiroshige’s works from the collection of the Brooklyn Museum. All reproductions derive from Hiroshige’s extraordinary series One Hundred Famous Views of Edo—a strong influence on impressionists and postimpressionists in the West, and a work that has lost none of its power to delight the eye.

Pomegranate's deluxe address books are hardbound with a hidden spiral binding that allows them to lie absolutely flat. Forty full color reproductions complement information pages with room for 480 names, addresses, home and business telephone numbers, cell/pager, and e-mail addresses. A lovely gift. Shipped individually shrink-wrapped for safety.