Raven and the Red Ball

Raven and the Red Ball
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Raven and the Red Ball
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By Sarah Drummond.

Hardcover smyth-sewn casebound book, with jacket.
28 pages with 16 color illustrations
Size: 6 x 6 in.

Published by PomegranateKids®, an imprint of Pomegranate Communications. This item is CPSIA compliant: CPSIA certification form.

ISBN 9780764966095

Product Description

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this book packs a novel into just sixteen beautiful illustrations. Using not a single word of text, master storyteller Sarah Drummond has woven a rich and compelling tale delightful for all ages.

Out in a field, a black dog is playing with a prized red ball. Little does he know, his escapades have not gone unnoticed. High in the sky, a raven spies the dogís antics and decides to get in on the action. He swoops down and steals the ball from the dog, flying away with it in his beak. The dog chases the teasing raven, who stays just out of reach. Round and round they go in a frenetic dance until the exhausted dog finally gives up the chase and stops to rest. Just when you think the ravenís won the game, bonk!, the ball falls from the sky and bounces off the dogís head. His tail wagging once again, the dog, red ball happily back in mouth, watches as the raven, equally happy, flies away.

Though Raven and the Red Ballis obviously perfect for children too young to read, itís also a thought-provoking tale for adults; the simple story has a surprising depth that might start you pondering many aspects of human nature.

About the Artist

Sarah Drummond is an artist and naturalist with a lifelong passion for exploring the world of animals. Her writing and artwork have appeared in a variety of venues, from Natural History magazine to educational materials for the Smithsonian Institutionís National Museum of Natural History.