Why We Have Day and Night

Why We Have Day and Night
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Why We Have Day and Night
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By Peter F. Neumeyer and Edward Gorey

Hardcover smyth-sewn casebound book, with jacket. 36 pages, 8 x 6 ½ inches.

Published by PomegranateKids®, an imprint of Pomegranate Communications. This item is CPSIA compliant: CPSIA certification form

ISBN 9780764958861

Product Description

It's all dark!
What happened to the light?
Why is everything black?
Do you know?

In this curious tale, four children, accompanied by their faithful cat, stumble around in the dark and ask, “What’s going on when the lights go out?” A lot of imagination and a little bit of science (cue a flashlight and an orange) inspire a creative conclusion. To these young minds, why we have day and night is a big question that can only be answered by one (very hungry) little bug.

Praise for Why We Have Day and Night by readers at LibraryThing:
    The art and writing perfectly complement each other, blending together into a work that is quintessentially Gorey-esque.

    Beautiful, minimalist illustrations on jet black pages fit perfectly with the message of this book. The questions that open the book—did the ink spill? Did our eyes burst?—drew my kids in and captured their attention.

    Just when you think our characters are about to grasp the rotation of Earth in all its quotidian glory, they become children again and pull away with a final, fantastical idea about why it's dark "now."

    My 3 year old loved it as much as my 11 year old did. This one is a keeper.

    A charming book that uses a quirky storyline and very cool illustrations to explain to younger readers why we have dark and light (or night and day to be exact). Younger readers will revel in the slight silliness that goes on in parts, inquisitive readers will perhaps want to learn more about the hows and whys of time and our solar system.

    This is the kind of book you give your kids if you want them to understand science, appreciate imagination, and spot symbolism in art and literature—and who doesn't?

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About the Author

PETER F. NEUMEYER (b. 1929) is the author, editor, or translator of more than a dozen books of prose and poetry for children and adults. His collaborations with Edward Gorey include Donald and the . . . , Donald Has a Difficulty (see The Donald Boxed Set, A205), and Why We Have Day and Night (A196). The personal correspondence between Neumeyer and Gorey is collected in Floating Worlds: The Letters of Edward Gorey & Peter F. Neumeyer (A197). He resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.

About Edward Gorey

EDWARD ST. JOHN GOREY (1925–2000) is famous for the honored bounty of books he wrote and illustrated, featuring his distinctive humor and astonishingly detailed crosshatch ink drawings. Creator of more than one hundred works, Gorey also was a successful contributor to theater from Cape Cod to Broadway; his production of Dracula on Broadway garnered two Tony Awards (Best Revival and Best Costumes). He is also well known as the creator of the animation images in the PBS series Mystery! Read his full bio here.