Flower Cycle Notecard Folio

Flower Cycle Notecard Folio
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Flower Cycle Notecard Folio
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Ten 5 x 7" full-color blank notecards with envelopes in a decorative folio.

By Rosalind Wise.

Click on the small picture to see the cards.

ISBN 9780764963261

Product Description

Rosalind Wise’s spectacular Flower Cycle—painted on a canvas nearly seven feet high and eight feet wide—overflows with colorful blooms so fresh and delicately detailed, one can almost sense their fragrance. The composition of the painting is based on a large elliptical spiral along which twines a garland of garden flowers and wildflowers. The earliest of blooms, the snowdrop, appears at the center, around which circle spring and summer blossoms—daffodil, iris, peony, petunia—in the order in which they flower. Gladiolus, foxglove, sunflower, and other blooms of late summer adorn the outer reaches of the canvas. The design, organization, and painting of Flower Cycle took her many months to complete.

Born in South Wales, Rosalind taught painting in Bristol and London before moving to Gloucestershire. Her love of the natural world and her careful observation of botanical structures and growth cycles enable her to capture the living essence of her subjects—as is abundantly conveyed in Flower Cycle, reproduced here in two parts.

Contains five each of the following two notecards:

Flower Cycle, (left detail)
Flower Cycle, (right detail)