Landscapes of Ben Lomond Panoramic Notecard Folio

Landscapes of Ben Lomond Panoramic Notecard Folio
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Landscapes of Ben Lomond Panoramic Notecard Folio
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This folio contains 5 each of 2 full-color blank notecards with envelopes in a decorative cover.

ISBN 9780764946998

Product Description

A native Glaswegian, John Knox (1778–1845) painted marvelously detailed landscapes and trained a number of distinguished followers. His views from the top of Ben Lomond, a celebrated peak forty kilometers northwest of Glasgow, remind us that the very word “panorama” was closely associated with Scotland: it was used by Robert Barker (Irish by birth) to describe a new type of painting he invented in Edinburgh. By the time Knox sat down on the top of “Beacon Hill” (a literal translation of “Ben Lomond”) to sketch all he surveyed, Barker had translated his idea for a painted 360-degree view into a celebrated London business: at the Panorama, in Leicester Square, everyone from the royal family to illiterate chars paid a shilling apiece to gaze at cityscapes painted on continuous strips of canvas hung along the round wall of a rotunda. Produced at far smaller scale, Knox’s romantic paintings show jumbled crags under a rare blue sky reflected in glassy Loch Lomond.

The cards in this folio are not sold individually: North Western View from Ben Lomond, n.d., and South Western View from Ben Lomond, n.d. by John Knox. Published with the National Gallery of Scotland.